Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monster toddler

Yea that's right I said MONSTER. The end to his day was when he smacked me not once but twice in the head with a big stupid (who buys this crap anyway???) plastic sword.
Aside from that and all the whining said monster child has done the last couple days we have had a great weekend. I think I might kind of sort of  *gasp* like this staying home stuff. (Now I say that today but by next Friday I may be singing a whole other kind of song but for today that's what I'm thinking).
Saturday night we went to bulls of terror (yes my friends/family who knew me once upon a time it was fun lol). Ashton went out and tried to catch a calf (ok shut up people I know you're laughing at me now)..he wanted to try to ride but well I'm not sure but I think there should be some sort of preparation for such a thing?? So instead our fair is this week and he's gonna try to catch a greased pig (you guys really are jerks it's not funny it's FUN ...well ok it's a little funny). I'll post pics of that for sure I mean really how do you not?
Then after that the hubs and I met up with some friends and we went GROWN UPS!!! It was so much fun...and the bartender had a crush on my husband and promptly got him trashed lol. It did, however, give me a harsh realization that I am in fact to old to stay out till four am...that one sucked but other than that it's all good lol.
I haven't blogged in forever........quick run down (probably should have done that first but whatever it's how I roll ok?) I live in north Idaho (like up in the tiny tiny tip of the know right by Canada) I have a husband and three boys 15, 8, and not quite 2...yea I'm pretty much certifiable all boys and just me and with that spread in age. I just finished my first week of stay at home mom..I'm a little rusty at this keeping three kids happy and busy ALL day long but well we'll figure it out lol.